What is higher without a head than with a head?
[答案]a pillow(枕头)

What is dark but made by light?
[答 案]a shadow(影子)

What a room has no walls, no doors, no windows, and no floors?
[答 案]a mushroom(蘑菇)

What large instrument do you carry in your ears?
[答 案]drums(鼓)

What person tried to make you smile most of the time?
[答案]a photographer(摄影师)

What has hands but no feet, a face but no eyes, tells but not talk?
[答 案]a clock(钟)

What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?
[答 案]a blackboard(黑板)

What has a soft bed but never sleeps, a big mouth but never speaks?
[答 案]a river(河)

What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?
[答 案]trouble(麻烦)


(下面有答案)1. What will you break once you say it? (什么东西一说出来就打破?)

2. Will liars be honest after they die? (骗子死了之后会诚实吗?)

3. What always goes up and never goes down? (什么东西只升不降?)

4. Why did the boy make his dog sit in the sun? (男孩为什么让他的狗坐在阳光下?)

5. Why can a bride hide nothing?(为什么新娘子什么也藏不住?)

6. Why is the library the highest building?(为什么图书馆是最高的建筑物?)

7. What is the smallest bridge in the world? (世界上最小的桥梁是什么?)

8. What is the difference between the North Pole and the South Pole? (北极与南极的区别是什么?)

9. What makes naughty boys long to work in a clock factory? (淘气的男孩为什么想去钟表厂工作?)

10. What bird lifts heavy things? (什么鸟能举起重物?)

11. A ship can contain only fifty persons. Now there is alreadyforty-nine person in it. At this time,a pregnant woman comes on andboards the ship. The shipsinks. Why? (有一艘船只能容纳50人,现在已有49人。这时一位孕妇上了船,船就沉了。为什么?)

12. What's the poorest bank in the world? (世界的最贫穷的银行是什么?)

13. What month do soldiers hate?(军人憎恨什么月?)

1. Silence. (沉默)
2. No, they won’t. They lie still after they die。(不会,他们依旧撒谎。Lie still 躺着不动,依旧撒谎。)
3. Your age. (你的年龄)
4. He wants to have a hot dog. (他想要一条热狗。)
5. Because someone will give her away. (因为有人会揭发她。Give away 揭发,在婚礼上把新娘交给新郎)
6. It has the most stories. (它的楼层最多。Story 故事,楼层)
7. The bridge of a nose. (鼻梁)
8. A whole world. (整个世界。 a world of difference 天壤之别)
9. They want to make faces. (make face 做鬼脸,做钟表面)
10. Crane. (鹤。Crane鹤,举重机)
11. Because is a pigboat. (那是潜水艇。pigboat,潜水艇)
12.The river bank。(河岸。)




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